Frequently Asked Questions

Nearly all of the following questions are addressed on the "How To Enroll/Fees" page. Before registering for a workshop, please carefully read this page. Meanwhile, please do not hesitate calling Peter Haney, Workshop Organizer (970-482-1366), or sending him an email ([email protected]) if you have any questions or concerns whatsoever. Also, a pre-workshop information packet is sent to all students about three weeks prior to the workshop for which they have registered. This packet contains all of the information and details (travel directions, airport shuttle information, tools & tool sources, course overview, Medical Form, personal goals questionnaire, Release/Waiver Of Liability Form, Personal Items, and much more) needed for one to be fully prepared for their workshop experience.

1. If I am flying, how to I get from the Denver International Airport to the workshop venue, the Colorado State University Mountain Campus? Do I need to rent a car?

First, it is strongly advised that you do not make flight arrangements until your workshop has been confirmed. There is regular shuttle service from DIA to Fort Collins. In a nutshell, your inbound flight should to be scheduled so you can arrive in Fort Collins by around noon of the first day of your workshop. Peter Haney will make carpooling arrangements from his home in Fort Collins to the Colorado State University Mountain Campus. Therefore, renting a car is not necessary and would be a waste of money since we live at the Campus for the duration of the workshop. Because of the workshop schedule and travel distance, it is best to not schedule an outbound flight the same day of the last day of a workshop. More specific information about these travel-related details will be sent to students in advance of their workshop.

2. Do I need to have prior woodworking and/or building experience to attend your workshops?

Our popular Square Rule workshop is designed to accommodate all backgrounds, whether you have prior experience or not. Our work site and student-to-instructor ratio is such that all students receive optimal one-on-one attention from our instructors. Students are never left with nothing to do! For our occasional specialty workshops that may include more advanced techniques, some prior timber framing experience may be helpful but never a prerequisite for enrollment.

3. Since the students and instructors live at the Campus for the duration of each workshop, how much time is devoted to the subject matter each day?

Students are actively engaged at the worksite for about 8-9 hours during the day. Then, approximately 2-hour evening classroom sessions are scheduled for most, but not all, evenings. The ability to live at the Campus adds a great deal to one's learning experience and developing new, lasting friendships. Additionally, Colorado State University provides an exceptionally affordable daily rate for both room and board.

4. Can I save on expenses by commuting to the Campus or camp outside the Campus? Can I arrange a work/trade?

Pingree Park offers a non-negotiable room and board package to our students. As such, this rate cannot be prorated. The Colorado State University Mountain Campus is located 55 miles west of Fort Collins, CO, 16 miles of which is dirt road. Because of this and our action-packed daily schedules, we discourage students from leaving the Campus during workshops, unless necessary. Our apologies, but we do not offer work/trade arrangements.

5. How far in advance should I register for a workshop?

As soon as possible. This not only guarantees an enrollment slot for you, but greatly facilitates our ability to plan ahead for a given workshop. It is not unusual for the status of a workshop to be questionable until up to the last few weeks, because often students cannot or do not register until the last minute.

6. What about communications with the outside world at the Colorado State University Mountain Campus?

Cell phone reception at the Campus is non-existent. The Campus has wireless Internet connections, pay phones for long-distance calls, and a courtesy phone for local calls.

7. Can my family, or friend, stay with me during the workshop, even if they are not taking the workshop?

Yes. These arrangements are a positive addition to the overall workshop experience for everyone. Guests are charged room and board fees based upon age (for example, young children) and length of stay.

8. Are dogs allowed?

Dogs are strictly prohibited at the Colorado State University Mountain Campus.

9. What is the surrounding area like?

Gorgeous! Please click on this link to the Colorado State University Mountain Campus website.

10. Do I need personal health insurance to attend a workshop?