Former Students and Their Successes

"Best workshop I have attended, with some of the best instructors I have ever had throughout my schooling, including college".
Andrew, 2014

"This workshop exceeded by goals and was more than I could have imagined. I'm coming away motivated, excited, and with a ton of woodworking skills I never knew I could learn so quickly".
Amanda, 2014

"The instructors' experience in the industry and their large bag of 'tips & tricks', plus their abilities to actually 'TEACH' and not just talk were key to the amount I got out of the workshop-some of the best instruction I've received so far!"
Dan, Anchorage, AK, 2008

"I considered other workshops, but finally opted to attend the Rocky Mountain Workshops' Design Seminar. Not only did it far exceed my learning expectations, but the food, facilities and staff were excellent."
Al, architectural student, Colorado

"I'll be back! It's the best investment I've made in myself... "
Jeff, contractor, Florida

"If all my weeks were like this one, I would be a very happy man!"
Jake, college graduate, Ohio

Arched Entryway Truss"The scribing workshop made the joinery easy on this truss. I don't know how we would have done it without the tips I picked up in my week at Pingree."
Greg, Fort Collins, Colorado

"An incredibly worthwhile experience for anyone wanting to learn more about timber framing and to get some real hands-on experience."
Bart, computer analyst, Oregon

Bruce Thacker Timber Frame Designs in El Paso The two photos to the right show a recent solo project done by Rocky Mountain Workshops graduate Bruce Thacker, who is a practicing architect in El Paso, Texas Bruce Thacker Trellis

"As with your other workshops, I was re-inspired to the timber frame method and workshop energy and social camaraderie...I always enjoy working with the diverse group of people who teach and attend the workshops."
James, builder, Wyoming

Mark Miller's Compound Roof System"My first timber frame job was everything I didn't want: big, full of compound joinery. There is absolutely no way I could have pulled it off without the information I learned at Rocky Mountain Workshops' compound joinery class. Thank you!"
Mark Miller, Trail Ridge Timber Frames Masonville, Colorado

Compound Roof System"My experience with Rocky Mountain Workshops has allowed me to take on greater and more enjoyable building challenges. The Scribing and Compound Joinery workshops have given me new skills,tools,and tricks to take on a much wider, more satisfying scope of work. The instructors, small class size, and the site itself all contribute to a great learning environment. Thanks again, I look forward to new workshops!"
Steve Meyer, Scribeline Timberworks Inc. Steamboat Springs, Colorado

"The workshops, once again, are proving to be a pivotal point in my life's direction...thank you!"
Wayne, builder, Wisconsin

"I cannot express enough how much I appreciated the instructors...they were so helpful and eager to make sure that we, the students, understood the climate and setting were perfect!"
Gary, tree surgeon, Louisiana

"Thank you. I had a terrific workshop experience."
Steve, professional timber framer, Colorado

"The Design workshop was a very good exercise for anyone wanting to build a custom home, or just to reinforce experience one may already have, through instruction and advice from practicing architects; well planned and plenty of time for one-on-one instruction."
Janeth, home owner, California